Fiorentina steak

Fiorentina steak, authentic flavor

The Fiorentina steak, a typical T-bone steak made with pure Chianina meat (a native race cattle of this region) is one of the most important dishes in the Florentine and Tuscan cooking tradition. The Tuscan word “bistecca” has an uncertain etymology. According to widespread opinion it should derive from the phrase "More beaf steaks, please" pronounced by some noble British merchants during the traditional festival of San Lorenzo in 1800, occurrence in which veal meats on the grill were distributed to the people.

But what is the Fiorentina steak? It is not a simple "chop"! It’s a t-bone steak, at least two fingers high, with a weight that can fluctuate between 900 g and 1250 g (for two persons). The peculiarities which differentiate the Fiorentina from any other italian dish are the rapid firing (two minutes per part, can not be turned more than once and is salted on the cooked side) and the presence of the bone.

Fiorentina steak, or, simply “Fiorentina”. Its history has ancient roots that begin with the domain of the Medici family (if not before), the historical moment in which we already find descriptions of the festivities mentioned above.
Ask our concierge to recommend the best restaurant of Florence where you can taste it, or follow our drivers on a tour and have a great lunch in a farm which will cook the Fiorentina for you as in the Artusi manual!