Val d'Orcia


Tour Schedule
  • h 9.00 departure to Montepulciano
  • h 10.45 arrival to Montepulciano and free time to visit the town
  • h 11.30 departure to Pienza
  • h 12.00 free time to visit the village. Optional lunch in local "oliviera" (olive oil farm) 
  • h 15.00 departure to Montalcino
  • h 15.30 free time to visit the little town and optional Brunello wine tasting
  • h 17.00 departure to Florence
  • h 19.00 arrival to your hotel


Val d'Orcia

Montalcino wine tours, authentic Tuscany

No destination is more romantic than the birthplace of Montalcino wine. Tours to discover Tuscany’s rolling hills among captivating medieval villages, cypresses and winemaking areas. Are you ready to explore Montalcino and feel the essence of Tuscany? 

Let's start visiting Montepulciano, dominating the Valley of river Chiana and the Val d'Orcia it self and continue, towards an amazingwinding road, to reach Pienza, the most rapresentative village of the Renaissance architecture.

Optionally have a lunch in a local farm where you can taste the goodness of 'Fettunta', a staple in Tuscan homes, together with cruditè and vegetables coming directly from the garden. Here a local oil farm produces extravergin olive oil with an intense passion, also recovering old native olive variety, like 'Moraiolo'. 

Our "Montalcino wine tour" is combined with a unique and exclusive Olive Oil Experience, between enticing flavours, breathtaking settings and lovely fragrances.

Optionally taste the famous and celebrated Montalcino wine, Brunello, in order to offer a perfect and amazing experience, we will take you to one of the best farms capable of develop some of the most excellent bottles, high quality obtained with traditional methods. You will be struck by the fragrant bouquet, harmonious and structured notes, deriving from the manual choice of individual clusters, with a strong taste of an amiable full-bodied wine. A real nectar!

The Montalcino tours we provide continue with lunch in the open air, in the yard of an ancient olive oil mill, where the search for flavor and innovation are mixed with the wisdom of the past. Here a family produces oil with an intense passion, also recovering some old native olive variety, like “Moraiolo”.

Live our typical Tuscany tour, it will hit your heart.