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Visit Tuscany, discover with our tours the history of Florence

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Visit Tuscany means to live an unforgettable experience, thanks to the several possibilities of different tailored tours, but also for the amount of legends and stories you can learn visiting Florence and its surroundings, painted with other characteristic villages.

By booking a visit to Tuscany you will get the opportunity to understand the lives of Brunelleschi and Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo, by exploring the buildings, watching sculptures and the masterpieces they realize in this city. Every Tuscany tours have to start from a visit of Florence: the capital of Renaissance and a fascinating magic puzzle of tuscan culture.

In these pages you'll read about recipes, habits and real facts happened in Florence and in its “sisters” through the centuries: all the roads will appear to you like a page of a pop-up book, showing aphorisms, events and ancient emotions, still alive and vivid. "Visit" is just a synonymous with being engaged by a strong atmosphere of a location, or, simply, with “falling in love”.

What characterize the cuisine of the region? Where you can visit the Tuscany of Dante and Boccaccio? And what is "Rificolona"? Find out each answer by browsing these posts, dedicated to you, the reader who loves to touch the essence of a place. Enjoy the reading and get a taste of our tours!