The cricket cage of Dome

Florence dome, did you know that the cathedral is uncompleted?

Her majesty, the Florence dome, crown of the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, a masterpiece of Renaissance art and architecture designed by Filippo Brunelleschi, able to reveal several stories, anecdotes and legends.

Take a closer look to the Florence dome, the famous and unique Florence cathedral Brunelleschi’s dome: you will find that it is incomplete in its basement and that only one segment of eight shows a gallery with columns.

The competition for the design and execution of a marble walkway along the tambour of the dome of the Florence Cathedral was won by Baccio D'Agnolo, who started working in 1506. The legend tells that, scanning the first section already realized, Michelangelo exclaimed, "it looks like a crickets cage!” referring to those used during the Florentine “Festa del Grillo”.

According to the anecdote, the work remained unfinished because of the many critics received by this project, while, probably, the reality should talk about issues related to the stability of the entire dome. But, in any case, the facts speak for themselves: in 1516 the works were suspended and never recovered, leaving the Florence Dome with a mysterious “not finished” opera.