Siena and San Gimignano


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Tour Schedule
  • Free excursion in Greve in Chianti
  • Wine and traditional dishes tasting
  • Tour starting in the morning
  • Discover an ancient land in Tuscany 
  • Max 10 guests


Siena and San Gimignano

Chianti wine group tours, who wants to be part of a unique experience?

Live unforgettable experiences during your holiday with Chianti wine group tours! Share with other travelers the excitement of discovering a legendary land, in which every product and each stone can tell an ancient tale of harmony between men and nature. Book a Tuscany tour and unlock the secrets of an enchanted place,  populated by vineyards and cypress trees, amazing hills and medieval villages.

This type of Chianti tour begins at ten in the morning, with a short drive in towards Greve in Chianti, where you will get a free excursion. You will travel through time, exploring the market square and imagining the stories of pilgrims who moved to Florence or along the religious path called via Francigena.

At lunchtime our driver will take you to an authentic farm in the stunning countryside. Here you will taste the best bottles of Chianti wine, served with some traditional dishes of this region, from the ribollita soup to recipes with boar or Cinta Senese and truffles. Savor the different flavors, such as the floral bouquet or  the clean ending of this wine, have a  toast with your friends and enjoy a group tour in the land of Chianti.

After the tasting session, we will drive you back to the starting point, traveling along the most exciting roads of Tuscany and Chianti with a luxury car.