Pisa and Lucca


Tour Schedule
  •  h 9.00 departure to Pisa
  •  h 10.15 optional 2 hours local guide
  •  h 12.15 departure to Lucca
  •  h 13.00 free time for lunch and visit Lucca
  •  h 16.00 departure to Florence
  •  h 17.00 arrival to your hotel


Pisa and Lucca

Pisa tours, luxury tourism in the authentic Tuscany, Lucca and its surroundings!

Discover the roots of this region with our exclusive Pisa tours, leave behind the mass tourism and you will explore, from Pisa to Lucca, many secret and captivating places in Tuscany. You will start from our Pisa tours: after a visit to the famous leaning tower (symbol of Tuscany), just look around the Piazza dei Miracoli. The enchanted atmosphere reveals the small streets of this city, which was, in the XI century, one of the powerful state of the entire Mediterranean area.

The Cathedral of Pisa is probably the most important work of all European Romanesque, designed by Buscheto, the most renowned architect of medieval age. You could enter its door with an expert guide to discover every detail of the fascinating and admirable capitals of the matroneum. Follow the walkways along the Arno and enjoy a romantic tour of Pisa, you will definitely love the ancient palaces, eroded by the wind, blowing from the close Tyrrhenian Sea.

Take your time, you can taste a traditional lunch, choose a bottle of wine (white or red?), you will appreciate the flavor of the surrounding countryside. Just reward yourself eating inside a real Tuscan farm, then we will take you to the enchanting Lucca. You will walk on the most celebrated walls in the world, climb the Guinigi Tower from where it's possible to admire a breathtaking landscape.

Tuscany tours, perfect travels towards happiness.