Accademia Gallery


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  • Michelangelo's treasures in Accademia Gallery
  • Buonarroti's masterpieces
  • The David
  • A Renaissance path


Accademia Gallery

Accademia Florence guided tour, enchanting experiences

The Accademia of Florence guided tour is a charming experience inside the most visited Gallery throughout Italy, a wonderful treasure you must see during your journey. It’s an enticing and introspective travel into the work of Michelangelo and other contemporary artists. Book your visit in a group, you will share the emotion of a close look at works that have made the history of international art.

The Accademia Gallery offers an impressive entrance, taking the visitors by the hand and guiding them immediately in the Buonarroti world, with a corridor on whose sides dominate the Prisoners, masterpieces of "unfinished", all carved to be part of the base of the funeral monument of Julius II (which had in the end, with a troubled story that shocked the artist, a completely different definition).

Passing through the stone blocks from which they seem to try to rid (in a metaphor of life and the sculpture itself), you will arrive in front of the David. Admiring this masterpiece live, alongside with our guide, will give you emotions you couldn’t describe in words. Listening to our expert you'll understand how every single detail has to be referred to a deep communicative intention and you will feel an overwhelming quiet suggestion.

The Accademia Gallery also hosts many important paintings and a whole museum about musical instruments used at the Medici court. Hear the several ancient sounds and then discover the construction specifications.
Reserve now your Accademia of Florence tour, a persuasive day in the Renaissance Gallery.