Personal shopper

Personal shopper Florence, an ambassador
of dreamlike tours in downtown

Looking for a personal shopper in Florence? We can provide to someone guiding you on tailor made tours of the Capital of Renaissance, revealing the finest boutiques, ateliers and the most renowned and typical stores. Ask our Concierge, you will join a tour with a true lover and connoisseur of this city, your personal shopper.

Florence will reveal its romantic and mysterious side, you will be guided to the most charming locations, from Ponte Vecchio, where since the Middle Age refined goldsmiths create every day works of art, or discovering craft shops in which time seems to stands still (have you ever seen the Leather school in Santa Croce?).

A personal shopper in Florence will drive you wherever you want, you can plan several tailored Florence tours, fulfilling every wish without any loss of time, unless spending magic moments inside a shop of antiques it’s the purpose (in Via de’ fossi or Via Maggio, for example). Enjoy the stalls of a traditional market (you will love a visit to the San Lorenzo’s one). Our personal shopper will also show you the best places to buy excellent wines and foods to take with you as a souvenir of a beautiful trip.